Ok, so I’m out of the hospital. I have been for a few days over a month. And.. I have a lot to say and catch up on. But, that being said–I think I should focus on some of the most important things in my life right now: positive coping skills. I’m trying to become a coping skills queen. For now I’ll just list some of my favorites. I use these in times of emotional crisis, when I have a lot of physical pain from the flood of feelings (sneaks up on me–tricky bastard), when I want to self-harm (s/h) or feel like dying would be a much better option bc I’m not feeling a lot of strength in dealing with the pain. I am going to list the coping skills in a safety triangle (it is an upside down triangle). In the top tier of the safety triangle are things I can do by myself for myself, then I can reach out to friends (tier 2), professionals/hotlines (tier 3), and in a state of absolute crisis, emergency contacts (tier 4).

Tier 1:
-Square breathing
-Hot spring imagery
-Warm, gentle river imagery
-Put trash in its proper place
-Use ice to ground myself
-Imagine negative thoughts go down shower drain
-Write in my “regular journal”, parts journal, gratitude journal, or add to my quote journal (the last two are mini-journals)
-Collage my feelings
-Catch negative thoughts with a butterfly net
-Imagine negative thoughts go from my mouth to the imaginary spitoon/down the sewer
-Scream into a pillow, or in the car
-Watch favorite comedian on youtube
-Sing in room, shower, or car (happy songs: like from the Mama Mia soundtrack)
-Enjoy the cleansing feeling of a shower
-Contain bad thoughts/feelings in pretty box, tie with pretty bow
-Contain ” in a vault with security devices including combination lock, fingerprint and eye scan
-Watch my favorite show/movie on tv
-Collage how I’d like to feel
-Write to my inner children parts
-Smell favorite lotion
-Smell favorite lip gloss
-Smell favorite perfume
-Take care of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that all adults need to do
-Do yoga: favorite poses: child’s pose, and pigeon pose
-Go for a walk
-Take Chloe, my dog, for a walk
-Lay on something cold
-Sippy cup
-Use candles with my favorite fragrance
-Paint on canvas
-Structure my time
-Positive Affirmations

Tier 2:
Friends I can share real stuff with:
-Bff, K

Family that is supportive:
-Daddy (my step-dad)
-Aunt J

Tier 3: (Tx=therapist)
-Tx GB
-Tx CS
-Tx JH
-Dr. D
-PH Hotline

Tier 4:

Tada! My Safety Triangle has been revised (11/28/08) since I left the hospital (10/24/08).

I am currently in a Partial Hospitalization Program for Trauma during the days now. I step down to Intensive Outpatient earlier than I was told, this Wednesday, the 3rd. I have to find a job to help me pay my bills and also seek out help. I’ll blog about self-care at a later date. I just wanted to get the damned safety triangle up there, for myself–and hopefully it may help someone else formulate a safety plan.

Wishing you a peaceful night.