and more updates: mostly bc my friends are yelling at me bc I don’t post often enough.

I just went to (Pandora’s Aquarium) which is a site for survivors of sexual violence. I hadn’t even hit the “Enter” button and I had already started crying. I have both windows open right now. So, I suppose I’ll take a look. I guess it hit me like a brick because I’ve been really focusing on my tenancy situation, the fact that I have no job, disability is still in the works, I can’t afford my rent–AND am behind in my rent. None of this has ever happened to me. No matter how bad things have been, never have I been unable to afford the roof over my head or food, etc. But, having been in the hospital for all of October, and Partial Hospitalization in a Trauma Program through last week, AND not yet cleared to return to work–things finally did get that bad. I’m currently just trying to cope with it. I suppose my c-ptsd issues had to take a back seat to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Food, shelter, etc. Sometimes, for a few split seconds I feel like my ptsd issues are gonna spill out all over the place. And I’d like to think they either won’t, or that when they do I’ll be prepared with my millions of skills lol. XxX Crossing my fingers XxX 😉

Wishing you peace and safety.