As a survivor, do you know what triggers you to be symptomatic, including but not limited to: what causes flashbacks for you, dissociation, s/h urges? I believe it is imperative to know your triggers and how to cope with them when we come across them in our daily lives. If you do know your list of triggers and are prepped with positive coping skills, what do you do when you are unexpectedly triggered?

I am writing to you from a very dark place write now. Though I know I am very compassionate and empathetic, I am not often triggered by hearing other people’s trauma stories, seeing abuse on television, etc. I have worked very hard to get to that place of emotional safety. However, sometimes out of nowhere, I feel a sneak attack where my emotional boundaries fall down and I’m left a pile of a person riddled with ptsd symptoms. The ground has been ripped out from underneath me and I’m a scared little girl all over again. I can’t breathe peacefully, I can’t think lucidly, and my body is remembering. All of a sudden I feel “trigger shy”, as though I have no idea where the flood of feelings and pain are coming from.

Please feel free to share your experience with triggers and how you cope with the symptoms that follow.